Csaba Juhasz

Csaba Juhasz

Managing Director, Intercontact Marketing Network Ltd

Budapest, Hungary

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    January 1990

    Managing Director

    日安 * Good afternoon * Buenos días * Bonjour * Bom dia * Guten tag * Добрый день * Buon giorno * こんにちは * İyi günler * Selamat siang * नमस्ते * Goeiedag * Καλημέρα * نهارك سعيد * Sabah el fol * Dzień dobry * Bonan tagon * Selamat sore *

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    Business relationships, projects, business proposals, investing, trade. Everything all together on these spot. Great things are achieved through continued persistence and dedication. All invites are welcome, growing fast, networking with networkers. Free information and advice please contact us with confidence.

    International business opportunities
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    Recherche de partenaires commerciaux, techniques
    Internazionale attività commerciali offerte
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  • Business management
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  • Hungarian
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  • English

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    About him

    Remerciement. Un grand merci à nos plus de 60.000 Viadeo contacts ! Travaillons ensemble au développement commercial. Recherche de partenaires commerciaux, techniques. http://www.intercontact.hu/francia/ceginfo1.html

    Permettez-moi de vous presenter notre entreprise et nos activités. Notre entreprise - Intercontact Marketing Network - a été établie en 1990. Nous avons un contact journalier avec des Sections Commerciales des Ambassades, des Chambres économic, des représentations des firmes, et nous echangeons des informations économiques.

    Notre entreprise s'occupe des suivantes:
    · Representer des entreprises étrangeres en Hongrie aves une gamme complete d'administration.
    · Vendre des produits / des biens, commerce general
    · Conseiller sur l'exportation et l'importation
    · Rapprocher les producteurs et les vendeurs
    · Études de marché, advertissements, travailles de promotion
    · Obtenir, faire le projet et produire des biens de production, et en plus organiser toutes les choses dont vous avez besoin
    · Découvrir des possibilités d'affaires pour des investisseurs.

    Des autres missions de notre entreprise sont les suivants: investissement du capital, transfer des usines - des biens fonds et des parts sociales en Hongrie (pour des étranger aussi). Nos relations d'affaires sont bien répandues, non seulement en Europe mais aussi en Amérique, en Afrique, en Asie et en Australie. Nous avons des liens avec plus de 80 pays. Nous recevons informations et demands.

    Business Development http://www.intercontact.hu/angol/indexuk.html
    We are looking for overseas reliable suppliers partners who interest to open into the European markets. We are waiting for exporter, importer, producer, industrial, commercial companies who want to open trading company representation in Europe.

    Established in 1990, our company, Intercontact Marketing Network Ltd., is a business organization, whose main aim is to help companies find appropriate business partners, manufacturers and explore investment opportunities in Hungary

    These acitivities focus mainly on the following sectors: metal industry, woodworking, plastic and building industry, food-processing, the electronic sector and related trading and services.

    Considering that your offer has arousen the interest of several companies, we would appreciate if you could supply us with further details, such as:

    • a detailed list of products to be produced

    • the approximate price of goods

    • amount of products (monthly, annually)

    • transportation terms, conditions and timing

    • terms and conditions of payement

    • technical datas including specifikacions

    And it would really be handy if you could supply us with catalogues and brochures, samples of the products .

    We would like to do our utmost to satisfy your business demands, and we feel that we have the necessary abilities. We are in daily contact with several companies working in the mecanic and metalurgical, computing, plastic etc. industry.

    We kindly ask you to give us these data with detailed description, and we would have the pleasure to receive you in our Budapest office, as long as you are planning to visit Hungary. You could then have personal negotiation with the possible partners that we select for your needs.

    Should you have any more demands or offers, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will have the pleasure to help for you. In the future we will be ready to circulate your material in our information system and send it to our hungarian and foreigner partners.

    We have information about your intention to open a representation office in Budapest. Please inform us about how do you want to do it, where and so on, and we will help for you to find cooperators or whatever you need to achieve your goal.

    Should you have any requirement or products offered for sale, or if you wish to know more about our company and activities, please visit our website http://www.intercontact.hu and contact us.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

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