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    As a hotel operator/manager we have the capacity to maximize cash flow and return on investment for your property, thus increasing its value. Below is an outline of our approach: Understanding the Property When CIM Hotel Group engages a live property, we focus to gain a complete understanding of the facilities that are currently offered, their condition, the market environment, operating procedures currently in place, and existing management personnel. If the property is a new build, we specialize in turn-key management of the entire pre-opening process, including marketing, HR, and soft launch. Due to the fact that our relationship will begin well before the property turns live, we are able to formulate and begin to implement what will be necessary to operate the hotel most efficiently and maximize revenues. Cash Flow Maximization In addition to maximizing revenues and managing expenses appropriately, CIM Hotel Group provides weekly cash flow forecasting in addition to monitoring tax obligation and other operational expenditures. Our centralized revenue management team works with each property providing a check and balance system with the on-site GM. We manage all debt service agreements on behalf of the owner and can assist in reviewing re-financing options as solid revenue history develops. Business Planning Business development planning and target review is required on a consistent basis in order for a property to reach its operating potential. CIM Hotel Group helps to prepare an annual model unique to each property which details the hotel's current market status, necessary capex programs, and operational history. The business plan will work to support the basis of the hotel's marketing plans and operational budget for the upcoming year. Site Visitation The structure of CIM Hotel Group includes a qualified on-site GM to manage the day-to-day business of the property and oversee its staff. Visits to the property occur on both a regularly scheduled and unscheduled follow-up basis by the COO for the purpose of inspection, consultations with management personnel, and ongoing operations and marketing reviews. Our quality control process also includes regular visits by anonymous guests who provide quality assurance reporting of operational standards. Reporting We provide weekly and monthly reports to owners depending on their needs. Our unique system allows owners to gain access to their financial data at any time remotely. Reporting can also be tailored to each owner's specific requests depending on the property's financial structure and other details that may be unique to each hotel. Volume Purchasing Hotels managed by CIM Hotel Group can in some cases arrange scheduled purchasing programs in conjunction with other hotels we manage. When such arrangements are possible and provide a discount, costs are pro-rated to the properties benefited. No fees, commissions or other arrangements are charged or collected to benefit the management company for these services. FF&E Maintenance and Refurbishing With our knowledge of FF&E products in the hotel and hospitality industry, we are qualified in supervising the FF&E and other refurbishments of properties. Work in connection with FF&E and refurbishment can be completed using a variety of contractors, designers or even hotel staff depending on the project's scope. Fees for such project management are evaluated and priced accordingly depending on the scope of work in question, and the amount of management required. The success of any hotel is directly linked to the professional capabilities of its management and staff. CIM Hotel Group is a French company, providing full service hotel management, based in Paris and Budapest, responsible for managing 2, 3 & 4 Star properties, developing new operating opportunities in Eastern, Southeast & Central Europe. CIM Hotel Group focuses on optimizing the management structure, cash flow maximization and increasing the property


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